Introducing the #1 LinkedIn Lead Generation System for Network Marketers:

"Discover how you can tap into the LinkedIn Goldmine RIGHT NOW to enroll Highly Influential Business Builders into your Network Marketing Business each and every WEEK."

These Secrets Will Work For You, Even If NOBODY Knows Who You Are AND You Are BRAND NEW!

In the FREE training video above Melanie Milletics, the "LinkedIn Leads Lady", reveals key actionable lead generation strategies that you can put to work right away...

 Topics covered in the above video include:

  • The 3 best-ways to generate unlimited traffic and leads on LinkedIn (most of which you've never heard of...) that other top-earning Network Marketers won't be talking about for years.
  • The #1 best use of your social-media marketing time (and a strategy that you can implement in 30 minutes or less) that has never resulted in failure (ever). Note: This is an underground strategy that almost no one has heard of or used.
  • The 5 pieces of information you need in your profile before you spend any time even trying to market on LinkedIn.
  • The #1 best way to engage your LinkedIn prospects (hint: it's not a sales letter, a sales video, or a sales phone call). You'll learn how to Go Pro, instead of a being a spammy amateur!

This is how you really recruit more new people into
your Network Marketing business in 1 month than most experienced distributors do in a whole year...

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Let me ask you something...

Are you frustrated with the number of quality prospects you are generating for your network marketing business on Social Media?

Would you like to know how the network marketing pros REALLY build their downlines fast?

It's by approaching, recruiting, and working through highly connected & influential movers and shakers.

You may have heard the phrase: “People are either links or leaders.” And you have to “sort and sift through” to find those leaders.


What if you could leapfrog the links and go straight to the top leaders (like the pros do), even if no one knows who you are yet?

What if there was a way to access pools of influencers and movers & shakers who were excited about meeting you …even if you’re new to your company?

What if there was a way to use social media that was EFFECTIVE and positioned you as a leader so you’re recruiting new people into your downline like clockwork every week?


What if there was a system that consistently put these top people in your downline month after month without you EVER being rejected?

And that means…

You’ll never have to approach friends and family again plus you can finally achieve the income you’ve wanted even if you’ve never come close to it before...

If you want personal and financial freedom but haven’t been able to attain it through “traditional” means…

Then stop going after the “links” and start working with the “leaders” even if no one knows who you are right now or you’re new to your company.


If you’re a seasoned pro – but you’re looking for a NEW system no one is using, and you want to grow your downline faster and more consistently, listen up…

The LinkedIn Leads System will get you NEW Influential People In your Downline EVERY MONTH…

…by using LinkedIn effectively, you'll have TOP movers and shakers calling you! These are the best HOT leads... EVEN if nobody knows who you are right now.


If you just get ONE influencer in your business, they can put dozens or even hundreds of new distributors in your downline overnight because of their sphere of influence.

Imagine if it was just two leaders? Or two leaders a WEEK!

Are you ready to put more people in your downline in a month than most do in a year?

Are you ready to “leap frog” over the links and go straight to the leaders?

That’s what the "LinkedIn Leads System" does for you even if no one knows who you are yet.

You get all the scripts, tools and systems you require to grow your list of leaders consistently.

So, if you want at least 2 influential leaders a month who lead you to dozens or even hundreds of new recruits a month, then order the "LinkedIn Leads System" right now.

Melanie Milletics
The LinkedIn Leads Lady

P.S. If you are exhausted by the effort you've put in to find too few prospects of dubious quality, or frustrated by the complexity of marketing on the Internet, you will love the profitability and ease of my LinkedIn Leads System!


Who is Melanie Milletics?

I am a Global Network Marketing Professional who began in the industry in 2001 as a stay at home mom with a very small circle of influence. To be successful, I had to come up with creative ways to find new prospects to speak with daily.

I've perfected my methods for lead generation, creating 6-figure incomes with 2 different international marketing, and have earned more than a Million Dollars in what began as ‘Mom’s Little Home Based Business’.

Using the methods and techniques I teach you in my LinkedIn Leads System course, I acquired move than 2500 retail customers, and recruited over 1000 distributors, becoming a top 1% earner in the network marketing industry . I enjoy sharing with Network Marketers around the world, how they can build a business without relying solely on friends and family. And I can help you too.

Melanie Milletics - Creator of the LinkedIn Leads System


The LinkedIn Leads System

  1. How to optimize your LinkedIn Profile: Learn the secrets to having your perfect prospects find you, and want to connect!
  2. Use proven scripts to engage prospects: LinkedIn is DIFFERENT. Learn how to systematically follow up with prospects to have them want to set appointments to see your presentation!
  3. Become a LinkedIn "Thought Leader": Learn how to stay 'top of mind' with your prospects so that they convert faster to sales!

Easy to follow, step by step checklist included!

I've been working, learning and teaching online for more than 17 years! I'm painfully aware of how many people purchase courses and then find them too complicated to follow along.

I've included a step by step checklist for you to print as you learn, and then to follow along as you apply the system daily. You will be able to learn, apply, and earn!

"LinkedIn Leads System" vs Same Old, Same Old

If not the LinkedIn Leads System, then WHAT will you do? Will you continue to market to the same people that every other network marketing distributor online is swamping with their offers? How is that working out for you now???

Old Way

LinkedIn Lead System

  • Compete to market to the same tire-kickers as everyone else!
  • Spend hours scrolling, or inboxing strangers to 'prospect' them about your opportunity.
  • Be seen as scammy and part of the 'NFL Club" as you chased away your friends!
  • Farm your Facebook friends for people that look like they MIGHT have a business bone in their body.
  • Recruit lottery mentality folks...
  • Learn to prospect on the 'Quality People" network!
  • Follow a system that takes 20 minutes a day and have prospects calling YOU!
  • Learn to conduct business like a professional and be an ambassador to our profession.
  • Become an authority on LinkedIn and have hundreds of thousands of people wanting to connect with YOU!
  • Recruit UP!

What Some of Melanie's Clients Have to Say...

  • Ray Dietrich Ray Dietrich
    I manage a Network Marketing team of over 17,000 people. I DO NOT have time to deal with products that do not deliver amazing value that will help my teams and associates. The LinkedIn Leads System course is a home run. It’s focused, to the point and anyone can follow to being generating leads from this network. I recommend it 100%, so buy it and use it.
  • Alana Johnson Alana Johnson
    The LinkedIn Leads System is a very comprehensive course. The explanations, lessons and the bonuses are exceptional! I have already made the changes to my LinkedIn profile you suggest, and now people are wanting to connect with me! Excellent, highly recommended course!
  • Eric Green Eric Green
    When I first heard about the LinkedIn Leads System, I was excited. Not just for how we could leverage it, but for all the people who worked with us, who didn’t have a brand or a following. I knew the LinkedIn platform and this step by step system could get them new leads on a regular basis. The LinkedIn Leads System is worth 25x its price. It’s a massive winner!
  • Stacy McNew Stacy McNew
    I purchase the LinkedIn Leads System course and I can tell you it’s the best money I’ve spent to help grow my business.  It is so easy to follow.  I went through it 3 times because it is so feature rich.  I am getting more leads every day.  Thank you!
  • Bryan Zitelman Bryan Zitelman
    I am recommending the LinkedIn Leads System to everyone I know.  Without this training and guidance, I wouldn't have ‘half the luck’ I have now. Thank you!
  • Dawn MacLaughlin Dawn MacLaughlin
    I’ve only begun to implement the strategies provided in the LinkedIn Leads System training and I’m already seeing an upswing in my opt-ins.  Do yourself a favor and check this out!
  • Steve Higgins Steve Higgins
    The LinkedIn Leads System course is priceless!  The training on LinkedIn has been spot on.  Simply put, if you are not implementing, the LinkedIn Leads System course, then you are missing out on 95% of the potential on LinkedIn.  Great work, and thanks again!”
  • Susan Law Hartman Susan Law Hartman
    The LinkedIn Leads System course is superb, and I highly recommend it!  Being new to LinkedIn, it got me started on the right path.  The importance of attraction marketing and the step by step system that this course teaches with such ease, will absolutely help me to reach the desired results I have for my business.
  • Paul Turner Paul Turner
    Thanks for your awesome LinkedIn Leads System training. It has helped me expand my business this month! The LinkedIn Leads System training has transformed my business and I can’t recommend it highly enough.
  • Cristina Ungaro Cristina Ungaro
    With the LinkedIn Leads System I learned the essential steps for talking my business to the next level! In fact, the LinkedIn Leads System is helping me create a base of qualified contacts and has given me the ability to create a customer base for my business. I recommend the LinkedIn Leads System to all professionals who wish to monetize the full potential of LinkedIn.
  • Val Smyth Val Smyth
    Thinking about navigating LinkedIn like a Jedi Master – the Linked Lead System is the one that will deliver above average results... My entire Rolodex will be using the LinkedIn Leads System to get the desired end results they seek!
  • Nikki Zanchi Nikki Zanchi
    Until the LinkedIn Leads System course I had very little idea what I was doing. LinkedIn just confused me. I highly recommend the LinkedIn Leads System course. It will absolutely transform your experience. I'm already getting noticed and feel more confident moving forward. This would have taken forever on my own.
  • Luke Gordon Luke Gordon
    It was by pure chance that I came across the LinkedIn Leads System course on how to utilize LinkedIn in my business. It as an excellent course which is broken down into bite-sized chunks and certainly has opened new vistas for me in terms of expanding my business. Well done!
  • Juliana Martin Juliana Martin
    The Linked Lead System prepares network marketers for the world of LinkedIn. I found the modules to be concise, easy to comprehend, and well-organized. The profile makeover helps attract leaders, clients, and business associates to your LinkedIn profile. I highly recommend the Linked Leads System course to take your business to the next level.
  • Chuck Laswick Chuck Laswick
    I would highly recommend the LinkedIn Leads System to anyone, especially people like myself, who have literally started using LinkedIn for the first time.  The trainings are the easiest to follow that I have seen.
  • Fred Gondzar Fred Gondzar
    “I was very impressed with the LinkedIn Leads System training. I learned a lot more about how to use LinkedIn.  There is a lot more to LinkedIn that you might first imagine. I highly recommend the LinkedIn Leads System course.”
  • Barbara Wiese Barbara Wiese
    I absolutely loved your LinkedIn Leads System course. It was easy to understand and follow. The know ledge I learned will allow me to navigate through LinkedIn with ease and professionalism.
  • Robert Sterling Robert Sterling
    The LinkedIn Leads System is well organized and contains valuable information that you need to have in order to use LinkedIn and get the maximum results. It covers all the bases and has included a handy printable checklist to help keep you on track, so you’re not overwhelmed.  The LinkedIn Leads System course was just what I needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this really work??
YES, I've created a multiple six figure income with these strategies and it's worked for my team. It's battled tested and works.

Will I have to spend more money to make this work?
No, everything taught here can be done on the free LinkedIn profile without spending a dime on advertising!

Will I have to contact friends and family?
NO…this system is for you to effortlessly meet, present and recruit top leaders on LinkedIn.

Will I have to meet people?
YES, but you’re never cold calling or knocking on doors. You’re only connecting with people who are already excited, and interested in speaking with you & learning what you do.

Can I teach this to my team?
Of course! I'd expect you to. It's duplicatable and is the best way to leverage REAL relationships with technology.

Is this really complicated or technical?
No, this is designed to be very simple and easy to duplicate. For newbies and experts alike!


“Will the LinkedIn Leads System Work for Me?”

It will - IF you work it!

Please understand that with the LinkedIn Leads System you'll connect with highly qualified people excited to hear about what you do, and you won't have to talk to friends and family.

In fact, you will have your PERFECT prospect calling YOU!

Here's What You're Getting: Access to step by step Video training as well as Bonus Q&A. You'll be privy to the ONLY training I know of that will give you the skill of effortlessly enrolling quality influencers from LinkedIn into your downline every month, even if no one knows who you are right now, or you are brand new.

And when an influencer connects to dozens or even hundreds of people they can watch your team grow to more people in a month than most do in a life time!

With the LinkedIn Leads System, you will learn... 

  • How to optimize your LinkedIn Profile.
  • How to connect with your PERFECT prospect on LinkedIn in less than 20 minutes a day.
  • How to get your ideal prospect to automatically set an appointment with you.
  • How to have hundreds or even thousands of your perfect prospects want to connect with YOU.
  • How to run "top of mind' campaigns in 10 minutes a week.

LinkedIn Leads System

The 14-Part LinkedIn Leads System Video Training Program Covers:

Training Module #1

Training Module 2

Training Module 3

Training Module 4

Training Module #5

Get the 'LinkedIn Lead System' to Start Generating Unlimited FREE Leads on LinkedIn TODAY!

LinkedIn Leads System

With over 5 Hours of Expert Training You'll Also Learn:

  • How to convert your visitors to prospects.
  • How to have up to 75% of requested contacts accept you.
  • What LInkedIn groups are best to join to connect with quality prospects.
  • How to engage your prospects to get daily presentations.
  • How to be an attractive, go to 'thought leader' on LinkedIn.

Unlimited FREE leads are just minutes away, and right on LinkedIn! 

Your Success Checklist:

  1. The LinkedIn Leads System checklist gives you Step by Step instructions.
  2. It provides you with the super-simple method to generate unlimited FREE leads on LinkedIn.
  3. Just follow the checklist and you will never run out of quality prospects for your Network Marketing, business!
  4. With the LinkedIn Leads System, you will be able to learn, apply, and earn!

Get the LinkedIn Leads System TODAY!

LinkedIn Leads Checklist

PLUS Get a 7-Day FREE Trial of the AMAZING Automated LinkedIn Prospecting Tool When You Order the LinkedIn Leads System!

Automate Your LinkedIn Prospecting and Only Respond To Prospects Who Express an Interest.

  • Automated LinkedIn Prospecting

    This cloud-based automated LinkedIn prospecting tool works 24/7 even while you sleep.
  • Campaign Setup

    You start by creating a new campaign for contacting your ideal prospects or contacts.
  • Create Messages

    First, setup your personalized automated connection, welcome & follow-up messages.
  • New Search

    Then start a new search for your ideal contacts or prospects in your target market.
  • Search Criteria

    Search by keywords, location, industry, company and/or title. Or use LinkedIn or Sales Navigator search links.
  • Select Contacts

    Then select the contacts or prospects from your search, you want to add to a campaign.
  • Add Contacts

    Then add those ideal contacts or prospects to your automated messaging campaign.
  • Connection Requests

    Connection requests go into a queue. They go out automatically, at a steady rate as if were sent manually.
  • Easily sort chat messages from contacts who have replied back, active conversations, contact status & more.
  • Campaign Status

    You can pause a campaign at anytime. Even set the hours you want your campaigns active.
  • Campaign Stats

    Each campaign will give you stats on your connection and message reply back success ratios.
  • 7-Day Free Trial

    Order the LinkedIn Leads System and receive a 7-day FREE trial of the Automated LinkedIn Prospecting Tool.

You can generate FREE leads daily on LinkedIn. And have quality prospects calling you!

Get the LinkedIn Leads System Video Training & Easy to Do Checklist for ONLY $147

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What Others Clients Think About the
"LinkedIn Leads System" Video Training:

“Going through the LinkedIn Leads System course, I was blown away.  I just didn’t realize the power of what LinkedIn offered.  I just looked at it as a business site.

I didn’t know it was hooked in with Google. I didn’t realize SEO was even tied in with LinkedIn.  I didn’t know you could do advanced level targeting and searching for the perfect prospect for yourself.  I didn’t know any of that was available.

I was just connecting with people in industries and joined a few groups.  I had no clue. I saw people posting, but I didn’t know the relevancy or engagement value of that. I thought you put your post up there and somehow people connected with you. 

I had no clue, the level, the power and the LinkedIn Leads System course brought all of this out.  I was taken back.  I’m really super excited to be able to use the information that she presented. The course delivers more value than what you’re paying for.  I was totally, totally impressed.”

Richard Shafer
Richard Shafer

I just completed the LinkedIn Leads System course on using LinkedIn to maximize your leads and to understand all of the intricacies that LinkedIn has to offer.  It did an outstanding job of explaining in simple terms how you can truly build a multi-million-dollar business in LinkedIn.  

My biggest take away was that LinkedIn is truly a system and if you follow some simple steps and are consistent and persistent coupled with treating this site as a professional networking site, you will grow your contact and customer base far greater than you can imagine. 

I highly recommend everyone in any type of business who wants to maximize their contacts whether it is for networking, recruiting or just connecting with like-minded people to take the LinkedIn Leads System course.

Francesca Gatto
Francesca Gatto

The method of operation that your LinkedIn Leads System training showed me was groundbreaking for me, personally.  It was tremendous.  Unlike anything I’ve ever seen. 

Target specific leads for my product, my service, my company… You showed me how to break it right down, so I could have people in my city, in my town, in my state, in my province, in my country.  Globally speaking, it doesn’t matter. 

You showed me how to break it down, so I can have people, live human beings, that have cash in hand that are ready to go.  People that have a business mindset and not a whole bunch of people that are tire kickers in social media, wasting time and doing things that just don’t make logical sense.

The bottom line is, we’re entrepreneurs and we’re in business to generate business.  So, does it not make sense to have people that are interested in buying your product and service.

Thank you so much for sharing with me your method for generating leads without taking one penny out of my pocket.

Val Smyth
Val Smyth

“I was burned out on other Social media that wasn’t me and wasn't working for me. So, I set out to learn how to incorporate LinkedIn in to my existing Business!

Little did I know I was about to discover "gold in them hills", not only with LinkedIn, but more important when I discovered the LinkedIn Leads System.

I figured if I was going to jump into to LinkedIn I wanted to learn how to execute more efficiently and spend my time building my business and not spend all my time learning LinkedIn, why not learn from the BEST in the business.

The LinkedIn Leads System has a system that will take you from start to finish, step by step. You will learn EXACTLY how to maximize your time on LinkedIn to benefit your business.

I highly recommend if you truly want to learn how to effectively use LinkedIn, the LinkedIn Leads System will NOT disappoint you, but more important it will open up a whole NEW WORLD for you and your business.

So, INVEST in YOURSELF, set yourself up for success and JUMP IN TODAY!

Please don't miss this opportunity to have your world expanded in a big way. I am filled with so much excitement for the future of my business, all because of your LinkedIn Leads System.”

Margaret McGrath
Margaret McGrath

“I've wanted to be more present on LinkedIn for business for a while, and decided the best way was to buy a course to show me how to do things right. The LinkedIn Leads System course did not disappoint.

It covers everything you need to know to set up your profile (the right way), join the right groups, and find the best people to connect with.

The training videos on Article Writing and Using Videos for LinkedIn are easy to follow and right to the point, which I really appreciated. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the LinkedIn Leads System course."

Bob Clarke
Bob Clarke

You can generate FREE leads daily on LinkedIn. And have quality prospects calling you!

Get the LinkedIn Leads System Video Training & Easy to Do Checklist for ONLY $147

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